Camping Rules - Adriano Family Camping Village

Adriano Family Camping Village Regulation

These rules are exposed on the Reception wall and inside Adriano Camping Village. Entering the Campsite entails fully accepting of the Rules. Management reserves the right to public further rules in order to improve Camping’s leading.

Art. 01 – CHECK-IN

Upon arrival, Customers are required to submit a valid identity document for the necessary registration requested by Law and sign the data notification paper. Please check that all data are correct and matches with type of equipment and number of people. You will be provided with an identity pass (card and/or wristband) ; the pass is personal, cannot be transferred to anyone else and must be brought along (in case of card) or worn (in case of wristband) for the entire duration of your stay. The personal pass allows the access and the stay at Adriano Camping Village; it must be shown upon entering, and our staff has the right to verify it. A car-pass, allowing access to one car only, will be also delivered at Reception desk. For additional cars please apply the Reception desk. People caught in the lack of the necessary authorization, will incur in police reporting for “breaking and entering” pursuant to art. 614 of the Italian Criminal Code. The Management reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to refuse unwanted people or supernumerary. Customers arriving and/or leaving the Camping Village, must notify the check-in staff by submitting and/or collecting their personal and car passes, in order to carry out the required registration. Not notified departures within 24 hours are deemed non-valid and will be charged in addition with the Tourist Tax. All pass (cards and/or wristbands) must be returned upon departure. Bungalows and Mobil homes are at Customers’ disposal from 5.00 p.m. on the day of arrival and must be vacated within 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure. Pitches are available from 12.00 a.m. on day of arrival and must be vacated within 12:00 on the day of departure.


The Management reserves the right to allow the entrance of visitors. Visitors can access upon delivery of an Identity Document. The visit is free if of short duration (max. 1 hour); over this period the stay must be approved by the Management and entails the payment of the concerning fee and the withdrawal of the visitors pass (card and/or wristband). The visit is in any case forbidden to minors not accompanied by an adult. Visiting guests can access daily from 8.00 a.m. to 11.30 p.m.; the registered customer is required to ensure that their guests are authorized by management and is responsible for their behavior within the structure. People caught in the lack of the necessary authorization, will incur in police reporting for “breaking and entering” pursuant to art. 614 of the Italian Criminal Code.


The pitches and lodgments are assigned by the staff in charge. For operational needs, the Management reserve the rights to change the assigned number at any time, even after sending the confirmation. All equipment must be neatly arranged inside the delimited spaces in accordance with the instructions received and should never occupy common areas. The car must be parked within the limits of the pitch or in the assigned parking. Any change of pitch must be notified and approved by the Reception operators or designated personnel. The Management and the staff are authorized to access to the accommodations at any time, even in the absence of the customer.

Art. 4 – MINORS

Adults are responsible for the behavior of children, the vitality of which can be detrimental to the peace and security of other guests. The entrance of minors is not allowed if not accompanied by an adult who is legally responsible. In addition, the children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult to the toilet, in the pool and in the use of all the facilities of the camping/village. It ‘also prohibited to minors, the use of electric bicycles and electric scooters. The Management declines any responsibility.

Art. 5 – PETS

Pets are subject to the current price list and their entry is for a maximum of 2 pets per pitch or home unit (only in the types where allowed). The presence of pets must be indicated at the time of booking and also subsequently on your arrival. The pets access is forbidden to the beach (as per the provision of Law no. 27/2000 and the relevant Municipal Ordinances), in the pool, washrooms, and playground. It is mandatory to keep pets on a leash and, if necessary, with the muzzle and may not be left alone in the structures; please make sure that they do not disturb other customers. The owners are obliged to collect the droppings of their animals using the bags of Dog Toilets located inside the campsite. The areas for the washing of the animals, are located in proximity of the main toilet buildings and are clearly indicated. The owner will fully respond to any damage caused to third parties by the animal. Dogs belonging to dangerous breeds are subject to acceptance by the Management.


For the peace and safety of all people, we suggest to limit the use of cars and motorcycles inside the camping/village and if it’s strictly necessary, please proceed at walking speed. The circulation of any vehicle is absolutely prohibited from 24.00 to 7.00 a.m. All cars in the campsite, as well as those in the parking lot at the entrance, must be provided with a pass issued by the Reception desk. The vehicles without this pass or with the pass located in a not visible place, will be removed without notice with costs and responsibilities charged to the owner. In the central square, the circulation of any vehicle on wheels (bike, skate, skateboards, etc.) is forbidden, except the ones for disabled, baby strollers and service vehicles. It is also forbidden to minors the use of electric bicycles and electric scooters.


In respect of the public peace, we call on all people to avoid behaviors, activities, games, and use of equipment that could disturb other guests. In particular, from 14.00 to 15.30 and from 24.00 to 7.00, noises that may disturb the guests are prohibited, furthermore, in respect of all people, you may not install or remove tents and structures or using radios or TV with a high volume. The Management reserves the right to promptly expel Customers disturbing the peace of other guests or who do not respect the rules of this regulation.


In respect of environmental conservation, it is strictly prohibited:
to damage equipment, vegetation and tracing furrows in the ground, pour or discharge into the subsoil detergents, oils, fuels, hot or salty liquids. – Waste or misuse drinking water – Install fences, tie or anchor any plants, to pull ropes at eye level and install anything else that could be a potential danger or be an obstacle to the passages – Drain chemical toilets outside the dedicated areas – Turn on open fires; the use of barbecue is allowed only if it don’t cause
damage to neighbors and always with a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher ready to use.
Do not use defective electrical equipment or with damaged wires; the Management invites you to carefully follow the regulations for the use of your equipment and to pay attention about their state of functioning.
In each pitch is allowed only one gas-bottle with a maximum of 25 liters. For the installation of tents and tarpaulins protection is mandatory the use of fire retardant materials with CE certification.
For the disposal of waste, there are two drop-off points within which are placed different bins for recycling paper, glass, aluminum, plastic and mixed waste. We kindly ask all our customers to dispose of their waste properly.


For the withdrawal of the post, please contact Reception. The post must be collected personally by the recipient. After seven days, the not withdrawn post will be returned to sender. The found objects must be immediately delivered to the front desk for the necessary fulfillment . It is recommended to pay attention to your personal belongings and take the necessary precautions. Money and valuables should not be left unattended, a free cash deposit service is available at the front desk. The Management assumes no responsibility for any loss, theft or misappropriation of assets.


The supply of electrical power is calculated on the basis of the consumption of equipment with low power absorption. The electric connection in pitches is provided only to users who have cable and plug according to CEE statement.


The use of all common facilities such as swimming pool, playground, soccer field, etc.. is at your own risk. The regulation of different activities is postponed to specific advertisements placed in proximity of facilities. The beach service, unless otherwise agreed, is always subject to the payment of related fees and observation of the current provisions, provided by the Port Authority of Ravenna. For the use of the pool and its equipment, you must follow the instructions given by the staff and any warnings displayed on site.


Every infectious disease or any disease that, at the discretion of the doctor, could cause damage to the Community, must be immediately declared to the Management.


The Management, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to expel people who do not respect the rules or disturb the harmony and spirit of hospitality, damaging the smooth running of community life and the interests of the camping/village.